Italian Wedding Photographer

Italy and Uk based photographer, Mimmo de Nicolais is an international wedding photographer, who is reinventing the Art of Wedding Photography. Mimmo focuses on capturing your most memorable moments in a spontaneous, stylish and stunning way, managing to encapsulate an original and natural style. Why say more about Mimmo's work, his shots will speak to you...!

Contemporary wedding photography

involves having the cutting edge in wedding photographic techniques and styles. Currently this involves informal photojournalism (whether posed or not) that gives more genuine emotions and reactions. From here artistic styles may or may not be applied to the original image to enhance the effect of the photograph. Most of comtemporary wedding photography aims for candid shots from a distance, usually catching original moments. Contemporary wedding photos by the International Wedding Photographer Mimmo de Nicolais, one of the most famous wedding photographer in Italy in the U.K. and worldwide, his wedding photos are taken in the amazing and famous locations, search wedding in:

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Wedding photojournalism

is becoming an increasing trend in the wedding industry. It branches away from traditional wedding photography and the intrusion that is involved. Traditional wedding photographers create bridal images that are mostly posed and scripted. This is often seen in "formals," where the wedding photographer takes posed pictures of the entire family and bridal party together. Photojournalism, on the other hand, allows the day to pass by as usual while the photographer captures bridal images without any involvement in the composition of the photograph. Wedding photojournalism is derived from news wedding photography (where the wedding photographer captures an event like a watching bystander) and sports photography (where one obviously does not pose an athlete in action). Wedding photographers from these fields have filtered into the wedding industry and created a great new approach to capturing your wedding day. Italian wedding photojournalism by Mimmo de Nicolais one of the most famous wedding photographer in Italy in the U.K. and worldwide, his wedding photos are taken in the amazing and famous locations, search wedding in:

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Reportage, candid, photojournalistic or documentary photography

is a branch of photography where the photographer captures a story in a single image or set of photographs. The reason for the attraction in wedding couples is that, done well, the photographer can capture the most meaningful moments in a persons life and the personalities of everyone around them. Certain elements of the wedding day lend themselves to reportage more than others: the ceremony certainly must be captured in a reportage style since no vicar is going to allow you to pose the couple in the ceremony! In addition, the speeches are traditionally pure reportage. Moments of extreme joy and happiness will also be very well represented using a documentary style. Truly great reportage wedding photography is about story telling. Stories can be captured in a single image or across a set of photographs. Generally, it’s very important that the moment is just right – half a second later or earlier and the story can be gone. The wedding photograph should read like a story – you instinctively understand what’s going on using the content of the photograph and can understand the emotions you see on the faces of the people. Reportage in weddings There’s no doubt that reportage is here to stay in wedding photography. Mimmo de Nicolais thinks that a set of groups and some beautiful wedding portraits are also part of a complete wedding collection, he embrace reportage in many areas of a wedding day. As noted, this keeps each wedding fresh and exciting for him and is certainly a key reason why the wedding couples always comment that he seems to really love his job. You can find the Reportage style in Wedding photography in stunning photos taken in beautiful locations as:

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